Recovery Capital Domain Instructions, Security, and Credits


You or your client can answer the questions for the ARC on the first five pages. Each page asks ten questions. You cannot use the back button to change responses in a previous page but while on a page, you can change responses. The sixth and last page asks for the client ID number and the date of administration as well as presents domain scores and a bar chart. After you type in the client ID and date, press the   Finish   button. The page will generate a QR symbol with the item scores, date, and client id. Be sure to print the page after you press the   Finish   button for your records.


To help protect client confidentiality, this application does not transmit any data over the internet. All data for the ARC items are stored on your own computer in a location called "session storage". The client id number and the date of the ARC administration are not stored by this application, even locally. When you close the tab or browser, the data are deleted. The only record of this infomation appears visually on the final page.

The client id number, the date, and the ARC individual item responses are encoded in the QR code when you click the FINISH button on the last page. This page is the only record of the client's id number. You can print this page out for your own records.


William White wrote the first form of the Assessment of Recovery Capitol scale. This application uses a simpler response (yes/no checkboxes) outlined by:

Groshkova, T., Best, D., & White, W. (2013). The assessment of recovery capital: Properties and psychometrics of a measure of addiction recovery strengths. Drug and Alcohol Review, 32(2), 187-194.

The paper can be found on ResearchGate here.

This web application was written by Stephan Arndt, Iowa Consortium for Substance Abuse Research and Evaluation, University of Iowa, 2016 which holds the copyright©.


You have permission to freely use this application and store a copy of the last page provided that there is no cost or charges derived from its use.

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