The dataset you have requested will be sent to you once we have received a signed statement of understanding from you. There are some restrictions on the use of these data. The restrictions fall into two categories: 1) respect for confidentiality of participants in the study; and 2) respect for acknowledgements for the funding agencies and offices that generated or prepared these data.

Federal law and regulations may vary from dataset to dataset depending on the funding agencies that supported this work. For instance, laws and regulations provide that research data or statistics collected by the U. S. Department of Justice or by its grantees and contractors may be used only for statistical reporting and analysis, may not be used to identify private individuals, and is immune from use in legal proceedings. The applicable laws and regulations may be found in the United States Code, 42 USC Section 3789g(a), and the Code of Federal Regulations, 28 CFR 22 and 42 CFR 22.2.

Any effort to determine or release the identity of any private individual or identifying information about that individual contained in the data collections archived herein is a violation of Federal law and applicable Federal regulations.

The Consortium performs several analyses and procedures to make sure that identities of research subjects are protected. Direct identifiers are omitted from datasets when preparing data for public release. Sometimes, combinations of characteristics can identify individuals. In this event, characteristics are also recoded, deleted, or masked to prevent identification. Any intentional identification or disclosure of a person or establishment violates the assurances of confidentiality given to the providers of the information. We require that the recipient provide the following assurances regarding use of the data:

  • Use these datasets for statistical reporting and analysis only.
  • Make no use of the identity of any person or establishment discovered inadvertently, and advise the Director of Consortium, in the event of any such discovery.
  • Produce no links among datasets or between other datasets that make possible the disclosure of individual identities of respondents or subjects.
  • Do not directly provide these data to another individual who is not directly under the control of the requestor. Interested parties should be sent to the Consortium to obtain the dataset.

Any publications or presentations need to acknowledge the source of this information. Please list: The Iowa Consortium for Substance Abuse Research and Evaluation, The Higher Plain, Inc. (with major funding provided by the U.S. Department of Education; Iowa Statewide Data Project, grant # S184G980007), the Iowa Department of Education, Iowa Department of Public Health, Office of Drug Control Policy (formerly, Governor's Alliance on Substance Abuse), and Office of Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning.

I have read and agree to these restrictions:

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