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1.  Related Substance Abuse Agencies in Iowa


Iowa Consortium for Substance Abuse Research and Evaluation

The Iowa Consortium for Substance Abuse Research and Evaluation (The Consortium) is an alliance of academic institutions, policy makers, and treatment centers committed to strengthening substance abuse prevention and intervention activities in Iowa through research and evaluation.   The Consortium includes representatives from Iowa's three regent sponsored universities (University of Iowa, Iowa State University, and University of Northern Iowa), various state agencies, and Iowa's substance abuse treatment centers. The Consortium coordinates research and knowledge transfer among researchers, assists professionals in the field, and informs public policy makers in the area of substance abuse.



Prairielands Adddiction Transfer Technology Center

The Prairielands ATTC implements this vision in four mid-western states: Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota:


A.  To increase the knowledge and skills of addiction treatment practitioners from multiple disciplines by facilitating access to state-of-the-art research and education


B.  To heighten the awareness, knowledge, attitudes and skills of all professionals who have the opportunity to intervene in the lives of people with substance use disorders,


C.  To foster regional and national alliances among practitioners, policy makers, funding sources, and consumers to support and implement best treatment practices.


Iowa Substance Abuse Information Center

The mission of the Iowa Substance Abuse Information Center & Clearinghouse is to support education, prevention, and treatment efforts in Iowa, through timely access to accurate information, appropriate technology, and a well-trained staff.

The Iowa PIC

The Iowa Practice Improvement Collaborative is one of eleven centers nationwide devoted to bridging the gap between research and practice in the field of substance abuse. The Iowa PIC is a partnership of substance abuse providers, researchers, policy makers, and consumers.

University of Iowa College of Public Health

The College mission is to promote health and prevent injury and illness through commitment to education and training, excellence in research, innovation in policy development, and devotion to public health practice.

The College vision is to serve Iowa and the Midwest as one of the nation's premier state-assisted schools of public health and lead the global community in rural public health education and training, research, and practice.

Iowa Department of Public Health-Division of Health Promotion, Prevention, & Addictive Behaviors.

This division of IDPH handles a wide variety of activities, ranging from the licensure of substance abuse treatment centers to injury prevention, changes in life-style, reduced tobacco use and improved nutritional choices.  This division administers the statewide substance (alcohol and other drugs) abuse prevention and treatment programs of the department. Primary functions include: licensure of substance treatment programs, administration (planning, allocation and monitoring) of federal and state funds for substance abuse prevention and treatment efforts, provision of training opportunities for substance abuse program personnel and provision of technical assistance on substance abuse prevention and treatment to programs and communities.

Department of Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning.

The Division of Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning (CJJP) carries out research, policy analysis, program development and data analysis activities to assist policy makers, justice system agencies and others to identify issues of concern and to improve the operation and effectiveness of Iowa's justice system. CJJP staff provide a justice system information clearinghouse service to system officials and the general public.

CJJP also administers federal and state grant programs to fund local and state projects to prevent juvenile crime, provide services to juvenile offenders and otherwise improve Iowa's juvenile justice system. Annually, this funding is made available through competitive grant application procedures.

Office of Drug Control Policy

ODCP Mission:

"To reduce substance abuse, crime and violence through the development, promotion and implementation of comprehensive and coordinated state strategies and policies"


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